Anneology - (noun): The study of Anne, and her colorfully loud, nonstop life.


Being a creative at heart, I've always yearned to surround myself with wonder and beauty no matter where I went. I have an eye for special beings and special art, but no matter the project I found my restless hands getting into (airbrushing denim jackets, nailing together custom furniture, crocheting, hand-sewing bags), I needed something that truly felt like mine - something that depicted that whimsical voice inside my heart. 

Anneology came to be in 2014 when I finally let that voice out into the world. This store is a mix of all things I love to wear, all things I find beautiful, and all things I find little pieces of my crazy heart in. I hope it brings you as much joy as it does to me. 

Happy shopping, doll! xx

- Anne Neggia, Founder and Owner of Anneology